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ALWAYS seeking the ‘path of a true warrior’, Ryu is man of glory and honor. He had dedicated his life to the way of the warrior; training against any foes that would dare cross his path as he wanders aimlessly across the world. Ryu has no heart for fame nor wealth, the ‘spirit of the fight’ is what really matters to him.
RYU’S legacy began when Gouken, the legendary master of Shotokan Karate, adopted the young orphan and decided to teach him the arts of Shotokan Karate. Under Gouken’s guidance, Ryu learned the meaning of honor in a fight. He was soon joined by a cocky American boy named Ken and the two became best buddies.
HOPING to prove his worthiness as a warrior, Ryu entered the Street Fighter Tournament. He advanced slowly in the contest until he obtained the right to face the reigning champion Sagat. It was a difficult battle for the two warriors but Ryu’s determination proved to be stronger. With the power of the mighty dragon punch (Shoryuken), Ryu managed to rip Sagat’s chest and defeat him. He was now declared ‘King of Street Fighters’ but did not linger to take the award. Sagat, on the other hand, lost all his dignity and honor and planned to regain his title by planning vengeance on Ryu.
IN winning the title, Ryu’s popularity began to rise and thus, became one of the most hunted fighter in the series. Pursued by the vengeance-driven Sagat, the battle-hungry Ken, the diabolic Lord of Shadaloo Vega, and the cute schoolgirl Sakura, Ryu continues to wander the earth to further improve his abilities and search for Gouki, the man responsible for Gouken’s death. Ryu wants to prove to Gouki that he is not the weakling Gouki once sees and at the same time, take revenge on his sensei’s death...

      Inside the Game
Sakura: Ah ha! Here you are...don't move.
Ryu: What do you want?
Sakura: I've always wanted to challenge you!
Ryu: Are you worthy? Show me your moves.
»boss« (on Gouki's Island)
Gouki: Well, we meet again!
Ryu: It's been a while Gouki. So have you gotten any better?
Gouki: You tell me!
»« ending »«
Gouki: You possess the same power as I. When the 'evil intent' awakens within you, then you will know. All these past battles will seem like child's play.
Ryu: W...what?! The's disappearing?
Gouki: When you learn to summon all your inner power, find me. Then we will truly learn who is more powerful.
As Gouki's Island does Gouki. Leaving behind the feeling of his evil presence.
Ryu: Gouki!!!
Left only with the sense of his untapped powers, Gouki's words gave Ryu yet another test. Ryu's journey, to be a true warrior, is never ending.
»» Fin ««

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