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KEN Masters is the only son of a wealthy American family. As a teen, Ken was very reckless and a 'happy-go-lucky' kind of guy. His parents, worried but too busy to attend him, decided to send him to Japan to learn the meaning of honor and discipline through the wise and legendary Gouken.
WHILE training in Gouken's dojo, Ken met Ryu, another young karate student that had been in the dojo long before him. The two became best of friends and sparring partners. Though still cocky, Ken was able to catch up with Ryu, but unlike his buddy, he preferred reckless speed rather than concentrated power and amazingly managed to completely master the dragon punch.
AFTER his master's death, Ken returned to America to resume his training in the tournaments held there. Although he became the Karate champion in the US, Ken was defeated by Sagat when the Street Fighter tournament arrived. And even though he was disappointed about his lost, Ken was glad to see that his friend Ryu won the title and made a promise to his buddy that he would steal the title the next time they fight. When Ken returned again to America to train, he met Eliza and felt deeply in love.
AND now, Ken feels that the time has come for him to face Ryu and fulfill his promise. Ken is aware about the pressures Ryu is carrying because of winning the title, and as a true friend, he wants to help and cheer-up his buddy by meeting and fighting him again.

      Inside the Game
Dan: Hey, Blondie, here's a quarter. Get your own moves.
Ken: Who are you? Do you know the art of fighting?
Dan: Let's get ready to rumble.
Ken: After you, ladies first!
»boss« (in Japan)
Ken: Where have you been?
Ryu: Why? Need some more schooling. Like the lesson I gave Sagat?
Ken: Sure, let's see your moves. Show and tell!
»« ending »«
Ken: Get up Ryu! (helping Ryu to get up) Something's bugging you. Your heart wasn't in it this time. That battle with Sagat really messed with your head man. Stay focussed! Remember, it's nothing but the fight...I guess?! Here, you keep this (Ken gives Ryu his red hair-ribbon). If you lose it again, this will remind you of me and the fight.
Ryu: !!!!
(taking the ribbon and then smiling) Thanks, Ken. You helped me a lot!
They left each other, going their separate ways. Promising to meet and fight again.
(on the gym with Eliza) I was lucky ! He was stronger than I expected. I've got to pump up my training or I won't be so lucky. Next time, he'll be helping me up.

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