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RYU'S number 1 fan and admirer, Sakura Kasugano is a young schoolgirl at Tamagawa Minami High whose heart and interest is at fighting and martial arts. For her, fighting is a way to have fun and nothing more. For this reason, she began learning and imitating Shotokan techniques and surprisingly managed to create replicas of them.
TO further improve her skills, she began picking fights with older and larger fighters intentionally. After beating up three college men who are trying to abuse her, Sakura thought that it's time for her to personally see Ryu and ask him to be her master...

      Inside the Game
Sagat: Those moves?! You know Ryu. Where is he?
Sakura: Say please!
Sagat: Out of my way, you insignificant gnat!
Sakura: You need a lesson in etiquette.
»boss« (in Japan)
Sakura: I've been looking for you, Ryu.
Ryu: What do you want with me, little girl?
Sakura: Is that anyway to talk? I'm your number one fan. That's Ms. Little Girl to you!
»« ending »«
Sakura: Wait! Where are you going? I want to be stronger. I want to learn more. Please! Please teach me! Be my master!!!!
Ryu: I'm still learning myself. I don't have the time for school girl games! You're on your own. I've got to go.
Sakura: Wait! At least give me something to remember you by!
(Sakura takes a picture of Ryu)
(Sakura, going to school and looking at Ryu's picture)
Sakura: (He took it easy on me, I just know it! What did he mean--'he is still learning'? I thought Street Fighting was just for fun. Maybe he knows the true meaning of 'fight'. I have to see him again and ask him.)
Kei: (catching-up with Sakura) Good Morning Sakura. Who's that?
Sakura: My master, maybe?
Kei: What?! What do you mean?
(running) Forget it. We don't have time. We'll be late for school!
Kei: Hey! Wait for me!
Sakura: I'm going to need a crash course.

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