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THE legendary Muay Thai Kickboxer Sagat was once hailed as the undisputed champion of the world. Ever since young, he have been training under the art of Muay Thai. His huge size and long limbs enabled him to hit his opponents from a distance, giving him a huge advantage in battle. Under the strength of the Tiger, Sagat was able to rise above everyone else in the field of Martial Arts.
WHEN the Street Fighter tournament arrived, Sagat felt insulted to see that only a young Japanese boy will be his opponent for the title. Laughing and ridiculing Ryu, Sagat didn't know that the end of his reign is near. In the course of the match, Sagat was amazed to see the abilities of the young fighter. Fearing that the young lad might have a chance to steal the title, Sagat decided to finish Ryu before things get out-of-hand. However, when Sagat is about to deliver his final blow, Ryu pulled out an overpowering uppercut that slashed Sagat's body and carved a huge wound on his chest. Sagat lost, together with him is his name and honor.
AFTER his defeat, Sagat resumed his training on a faraway place. The huge scar on his chest is a fateful reminder of his defeat, inspiring him to train even harder. Still overwhelmed by Ryu's dragon punch, Sagat devised his own uppercut, the Tiger Uppercut (Tiger Blow), by launching his fist against a ranging waterfall. During his training, Sagat was approached by Vega and offered him a place in Shadaloo, together with a promise of revenge on Ryu. Heeding towards a better judgement, Sagat joined Shadaloo and became Vega's right-hand man.
NOW, Sagat feels that the time has come for him to face Ryu once again. Even though he himself is stalked by two other fighters, Adon and Dan, Sagat feels that he must first deal with Ryu to regain his title and recover the glory and honor that was once his.

      Inside the Game
Adon: How could you lose to Ryu? You deserve to die!
Sagat: It's time I teach you respect. It's your lucky day. You will share Ryu's fate.
»boss« (on one of the grasslands of Japan)
Sagat: Ryu, now is the time for revenge.
Ryu: You haven't recovered from our last duel.
Sagat: I have something for you. This time you'll be scarred.
»« ending »«
Sagat: I've defeated Ryu! I am the champion! I've gotten my revenge. But, it seems a hollow victory. Champion -- bah! I know now...That's why Ryu just stared at me. He knew, he just didn't say.
(Shadaloo HQ)
What's the matter, Sagat?
Sagat: I'm getting off here, I have something I've got to do! Later, you must tell me about your 'Psycho Power'.
Vega: O.K. Go now. You are on my path. Come back to me when you are stronger.
Leaving Vega, Sagat decides to train alone...
(training against the waterfall) I'm going to need a more powerful move than the Tiger Blow next time! But, I must find it on my own!
Sagat's mind is clear as he searches for his own inner strength to be a True Champion!

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