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ADON is the skillful student of the Muay Thai Kickboxing Master, Sagat. But unlike his master, he trained under a different style—the Jaguar. Though arrogant and proud, Adon adored his master more than anybody else and acknowledged Sagat as the greatest fighter alive.
HOWEVER, one critical incident changed Adon’s admiration towards his master—the one who was supposed to be the greatest Muay Thai alive was defeated by a ‘little runt’ named Ryu in the Street Fighter tournament. Even though he too lost to Ryu, Adon considered Sagat as a disgrace to the Muay Thai. Thus, Adon pledged to himself that he would someday defeat Sagat and take his seat at the throne of Muay Thai...

      Inside the Game
Vega: You have earned a place in Shadaloo.
Adon: Who are you?
Vega: I'm Vega, Lord of Shadaloo. I'm the best there is!
Adon: The best there was, is more like it.
»boss« (in Thailand)
Adon: Aah, Sagat! Did you think you could escape from me? Now that I've found you, you must be killed.
Sagat: In your dreams, warrior!
Adon: My dreams are your nightmares.
»« ending »«
Adon: Sagat, you're through! Your Muay Thai is old and useless. If you try me again, I'll crush you! YEAHH! (destroying the head of the statue in Sagat's stage) One with the old. In with the new.
Months later at the Muay Thai arena, 10 minutes before the main event with the new champion Adon.
Servant: Master Adon! There is a problem! Your challenger was killed by a mysterious warrior moments ago!
Adon: Who? What did he looked like?
Servant: Dressed in black with red hair. He didn't look...he wasn't.....
Adon: I know him. He uses the same power Ryu used to defeat Sagat. I must annihilate him now to prove that Adon of Muay Thai is the mightiest champion of THIS world!
»» Fin ««

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