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1. In S.F. Alpha 2 PC version, you can play the game directly from the CD, without even installing it. Just browse the CD and look for the file: Zero2.exe. It's about 5.4 MB and has the S.F. Zero 2 icon. Then, just double-click or activate the file.

2. In installing the game, I recommend you install the game with minimum requirements (it is about 5 MB). Whether you install it by Minimum, Standard, or Compact, the game speed is almost (if not practically) the same.

3. To play as Evil Ryu, go to the player select screen (not in short-cut mode), highlight Ryu, and hold the Start Button. Then press Right,Up, Down, Left (Adon, Gouki, Adon, Ryu) with 1 sec. interval for each character highlighted. When you come back to Ryu, wait for 5 sec., then press any button to select and release the Start button.
    Note: This trick only works on the Arcade and Sega Saturn version of the game, and only in the Arcade mode.

4. To play as Shin Gouki (Shin Akuma), go to the player select screen, highlight Akuma (Gouki). Then, hold Select and press Down, Right(2), Down, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right(3). Now press a button to choose, then release Select. When the fight begins, a sign will appear on top of Akuma (Gouki), and he will look black for an instant. To access this character easier in the future, win or lose the whole game. Return to the character select screen. Highlight Akuma (Gouki) and hold Select for five seconds. Press a button to select a color for Super Akuma. *CCC

5. To play as Chun-li in her classic outfit, highlight Chun-li and hold the select button for 5 seconds, then press any button.

6. To play as Special Sakura, begin a game in survival mode and highlight Sakura. Hold Start and press Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Right, Down, Left, Down, Down, Down, Right, Up, Up, Right. Now, choose Ryu.
        Note: This trick only works in the Sega Saturn version of Street Fighter Alpha 2.

7. To play against Shin Gouki, begin a game in arcade mode. Then, fight seven matches without losing a round or using a continue, and get more than three perfect victories. Then, Akuma (Gouki) will appear before the eighth match as a Boss.
    Note: He will not appear again if you lose to him   *CCC

8. To view Zangief's original introduction, before the fight begins in versus or training mode, hold Select.*CCC

9. To fight Mid-bosses, do not lose a round, and win five or more rounds with Super Combo or Custom Combo finishes. Then after the fifth win, a different boss character will appear. *CCC

10. To fight on the Grasslands (secret stage), highlight Sagat and hold start for 5 seconds. (In the Shortcut Mode, you can easily select this stage by choosing "Boss 2" on the stage select screen)

11. To fight on the Niagara Falls (secret stage), highlight Vega (M. Bison) and hold start for 5 seconds. ("Boss 1" in Shortcut Mode)

12. For Altered Vega and Dhalsim colors, enter training mode and execute a teleport move. Then, pause the game during the warp, go to the main menu and select a normal game as Vega or Dhalsim. *CCC

13. For Alternate winning poses, after defeating your opponent and before the knock out symbol appears, hold Select and press one of the six punch or kick buttons.   Note: Not every character has six alternate poses. *CCC

14. For choosing your Fighter's Colors, press either one punch button (orig. color), two punch buttons, one kick button, or two kick buttons when selecting them. You can also get extra colors by choosing the Auto Guard mode.

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*CCC  means that the code was taken from the Cheat Code Central site...

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