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"You fought well. I was honored."
"I look forward to our next battle."
"What's wrong? Why do you hold back?"
"Now I'll find a better challenge!"
"Is that the best you can do?"
"I am Muay Thai master. You are sucking gravel."
"My legend starts now!"
"Don't worry, it's all over."

"I don't have time for amateurs!"
"I expected better."
"If you're going to fight, fight for real."
"You don't have the skill to beat me."
"You are so outclassed."
"Don't worry, everyone loses to me!"
"You can't beat what you can't touch!"
"Shouldn't you be crawling to a hospital by now?"

"Now you see the difference between us!"
"Next time I won't be so easy on you!"
"You're better than you look. Try harder."
"Don't tell me you're actually unconscious."
"Meditate on your loss. Someday our paths will cross again."
"Action brings reaction. Your fate has followed you."
"I'm your master. Pain is a state of mind and I don't mind your pain."
"Don't cry, I'll let you live."

"I live for death...yours!"
"Ancient words of wisdom...'you suck'."
"You fight, you lose, you die!"
"Someday you'll have enough courage to face me again."
"Now you know, justice always prevail!"
"Victory is mine. Get up loser, so I can smack you again!"
"Wow, that was cool, do it again!"
"Do you have time for another beating before my next class?"

"Get real! Skill and strength determine the winner!"
"Fear prevents learning and you've failed."
"It's okay, perfection is not for everyone."
"Let's fight again, so I can stick it to you!"
"Quit blocking my hits with your face!"
"Don't make me angry or I'll beat the life out of you!"
"Nothing can escape my furius swirling death move!"
"Hit me again...please?"

NASH (Charlie)
"You've got talent. Uncle Sam could use you."
"One more down. On with the war."
"Be all that you can be, scumbag!"
"Are you always so slow?"
"It's good to be back!"
"What made me think you could beat me?"
"Show some respect and maybe you keep breathing."
"Still the best!"

"Power is nothing without skill."
"Today's lesson is over."
"Are you done?"
"Forgive me. My fight is not with you."
"Not bad. Maybe you should work for me."
"You're just too weak!"
"Guess I beat you pretty bad. Nothing personal."
"You will not interfere with my plans!"

"Do not challenge what you could not defeat!"
"Accept you weakness. Never return here!"
"It will take more than you to beat me!"
"Now, who is the strongest?"
GOUKI (Akuma)
"Weaklings! Is there no one worth fighting?"
"This grows boring!"
"You are not enough even for a warm up."
"Now stay down!"

VEGA (M. Bison)
"You cannot fight destiny. The world will be mine!"
"You are a fool to challenge me!"
"you were almost entertaining."
"Leave my sight."
"My dad could beat you, and he's dead!"
"For a loser, you did pretty well."
"Keep your day job!"
"Don't even try to get up!"

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