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ZANGIEF is the greatest wrestler ever to emerge from the soils of Mother Russia. He is a patriot and will do all he can to give glory and honor to his country. In fact, his love for his country is so great that he almost have become a racist because of it.
HAVING been born the frozen regions of Siberia, Zangief had to work hard at a steel factory to support his body from the bitter cold. By pumping iron and carrying heavy weights, Zangief was able to develop not only his strength but his physical appearance as well.
ALTHOUGH he prefers wrestling grizzly bears, Zangief entered the Russian Wrestling Federation to prove his power. There, he quickly became the new champion but after some time, Zangief got bored on the Wrestling Federation and decided to seek more competition outside Mother Russia.
WHEN the USSR splintered into a Commonwealth of Independent States, Zangief became angry at the world for speculating that Russia had collapsed. Though he is highly amused by the foolish behavior of the American Fighter Ken (and looks forward to crushing him), Zangief entered the Street Fighter tournament to defend the proud name of his country. He wants to bring glory and honor back to his nation and show the world the 'unbeatable' power of Mother Russia.

      Inside the Game
Birdie: Nice look, kremlin-head.
Zangief: Have you looked in a mirror lately?
Birdie: Where do you get off... I'll kick your butt to Liverpool and back.
Zangief: Ha! English humor always amuses me.
»boss« (on Ken's cruise ship)
Ken: What boat did you step off?
Zangief: I'm Zangief from Mother-Russia.
Ken: A mamma's boy,eh!
Zangief: Imbecile! I will snap you like a twig.
»« ending »«
Zangief: Ha ha ha ha! See? This is the true power of Mother Russia! What?!
Pres. Gorbachev: I've seen all of your fights, comrade.
(crying) I did it for the Motherland, my tzar.
Pres. Gorbachev: Our country demands great responsibility of you. You must prove to all of the world the unbeatable power of Russia. Your success is my, uh....our success.
Working out at the training facility, he grows even stronger.
Pres. Gorbachev: Comrade our budget is limited, but we will continue to support you. With your success Russia will once rise to power. I'm sending a bottle of our finest vodka. CHEERS!!! All the best, comrade.

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