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Webmasters' Section

Here are some sites that could be of help to webmasters out there.
A very cool site where you can find free essential scripts like JAVA and PERL that you could use to build your website. It also contains applications and fonts that is free to download.

       Free Banners is a fantastic new way to get more exposure for your web site WHILE EARNING YOU CASH! When you become a member you can get your banner ad displayed on other members sites. Even better - the more popular your own site gets, the more exposures you'll get! is a site that sells modchips -an electronic chip that is added to the game consoles (i.e. PS, Dreamcasts) - modifying it to boot up all CDs, which allows you to play EVERY IMPORT GAME and EVERY CD-R BACKUP.
       They currently have a click thru program and all you have to do is sign-up as a member and wait for your account to be approve. They pay 5 cents per click and will send you your payment everytime it reaches US$ 50. provides a simple text counter on your page. The service is absolutely free of charge with no catch, no lousy advertisement. The only thing they request, though they don't require it, is a link back to their site.

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