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VEGA (M. Bison) is the evil and diabolic Lord of the crime organization Shadaloo. He is a ruthless and merciless psychopath who plans to dominate the world with the use of his 'Psycho Power'. Many men had risk their lives in trying to stop his evil ways, but none of them proved to be successful. Most of them did not even returned alive.
VEGA'S past is shrouded in mystery. He is however, familiar to Rose--a member of a covert society devoted to the development of Psychic Powers. Over the years, Vega have been recruiting strong fighters into his army. Those who resist him suffered terrible fate. They are brainwashed by him and turned into mindless zombies ready to obey Vega's each and every order.
AND now, Vega has his eyes on the wanderer Ryu. He have gained knowledge about Ryu's untapped potentials and wants that potentials be used for his plan of world domination.

      Inside the Game
Nash: You're the commander of Shadaloo? I expected more.
Vega: It will be a pleasure watching you suffer.
Nash: Negative! You're going down.
Vega: I'll make sure you die a slow and painful death.
»boss« (in Japan)
Vega: You're an impressive street fighter Ryu. With my guidance you could be unequaled.
Ryu: Who the hell are you?
Vega: I am your Lord and master. You will give your respect.
Ryu: I'll give you something--but it's not respect.
»« ending »«
Vega: Ha ha ha ha! So Ryu, you want ultimate strength? I can make your dreams come true!!
(Laboratory, Shadaloo Headquarters)
What's taking so long?
Scientist: He is resisting, sir! No one has ever held up this long.
Vega: You are truly unique, Ryu. You amuse me. But, I'm tired of this game. Give in! Don't you see, I can make you the strongest fighter ever! Side by side we will be invincible.
Ryu is racked with pain as enormous power is forced into his body. But his mind is strong. Can he survive? Will his unknown 'power' awake...What is the answer???

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