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EVER since childhood, though born American, Sodom have been desperately following the Japanese culture. In his effort to fit into the Japanese society, Sodom studied various Japanese customs and decided to copy their way of living. To this extent, Sodom learned about the ways of Japanese martial arts and became a master of several weapons, sais being his favorite of all.
HE was originally one of the chief members of the fallen Mad Gear Gang. After the organization's demobilization under the hands of Haggar, Cody, and Guy, Sodom have been trying to reunite his previous comrades. He plans to bring the Mad Gear back together and lead the organization to power once more by crushing the people responsible for the gang's destruction.

      Inside the Game
Ken: Hey, Shogun, I didn't know this was a costume party.
Sodom: Insolent brat! You'll pay for your disrespect.
Ken: Fight me? But you might get blood on your pretty dress.
Sodom: The only blood spilled will be yours.
»boss« (in Metro City)
Guy: You're still so outclassed.
Sodom: I'm in a class of my own. You've destroyed my gang. Now you insult me? You will die!
Guy: Bring it on.
»« ending »«
Defeating Guy, Sodom starts reconstructing Mad Gear. In a search for strong allies, he visits Japan.
Sodom: {The Old Coke Factory??}...Oh, here it is. Sumo wrestlers...the strongest fighters in Japan. Mad Gear will be invincible if I can persuade them to join.
(Inside the Arena)
Announcer: In this corner, weighing 450  lbs., Fujinoyama! (E. Honda) ...And in this corner...What?! Who are you?
Sodom: I am Sodom. I've come to recruit Sumo Wrestlers. I'm interested in only the strongest. Are you up to the challenge?
E. Honda: You don't know me, little man.
Sodom: I welcome your challenge!
YAAA!!!   HI-YAAA!!!

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