Psi Realm: SFA2 Rose
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ROSE is a psychic who seeks the perfect balance between the forces of good and evil. By predicting destinies through the use of her tarot cards, Rose can sense if the scale is equal or not. It is known that she is a member of a secret order dedicated to the unfolding of Psychic powers of which Vega might have been a part. But unlike Vega who wields 'Psycho Power', Rose possess a power, called 'Soul Power', that she uses for both healing and destroying.
AND now, with many evil forces roaming the earth, the planet's energy is slowly tilting onto the dark side. The most influential and evil of all is in the form of the Psycho power. With the Order's consent, Rose is now on a mission to restore the planet's balance by finding Vega and eradicating his Psycho power.

      Inside the Game
Rose: You! You're the one with the Shoryuken power I feel!
Gouki: (Leave!)
Rose: You must be...(Gouki)
Gouki: (Perish!)
»boss« (in Brazil)
Rose: Vega, you are on the wrong path. I've tried to warn you.
Vega: Your annoying warning means nothing to me.
Rose: I'll give you to the count of three.
Vega: 1...2...2 1/2...2 3/4...
»« ending »«
Rose: You're finished, Vega!
Vega: Never!!
 (Italy, Rose's  bath tub)
Rose: It's over. I've sealed his 'Psycho Power' forever...I think.
Unable to escape her ominous feeling, Rose consults her Tarots, expecting to see Vega's end.
Rose: What?! How can this be? This is the card of...(the card burned)  There must be a mistake! NO!!!! The nightmare should have ended.
Paralize with fear, she realizes she is powerless.
Rose: It's not over...yet!

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