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Psi Realm: Street Fighter Alpha 2 Zone Text Mode

BEING a veteran soldier and former mercenary, Rolento is skilled and deadly on field combat. He is an agile fighter and a master of several military weapons--among them are his tonfa baton, concussion grenades, knives, and cables.
ROLENTO (sometimes Rolent) was the former leader of the Mad Gear's paramilitary forces. Like Sodom, he's been forming his own empire ever since the destruction of the Mad Gear Gang. One of his objectives is to first punish Haggar, Cody, and Guy, all of whom were responsible for the disintegration of the Mad Gear. Then, he plans to strengthen the country by overthrowing the government and taking command of the nation.

      Inside the Game
Sodom: The Mad Gear empire is growing strong, Rolento. Join my ranks.
Rolento: You must be delirious, Sodom. I don't need you or your pitiful army.
Sodom: You arrogant moron. Do you know who you're talking to?
Rolento: Yeah. Someone seconds from extinction.
»boss« (in Metro City)
Guy: What?! You again?
Rolento: I see you remeber your supreme leader.
Guy: Well, I see you haven't learned your lesson. Man, I hate a slow learner.
Rolento: Pity! Now I have to rebuild my empire...ON YOUR FACE!
»« ending »«
Rolento: The time has come! Enough of this 'panty waist politicking'! This country needs a powerful militia! We need discipline, order, strength, power. I'll make soldiers out of the whole, damn, lot of them!
(on Haggar's office)Rring.....rrring...
Haggar: Yes, what is it?
Asst: Mayor! The whole city is in an uproar!
Haggar: What happened?
Asst: A man named Rolent is terrorizing the city! He's driving through the bussiness district in a tank!
Haggar: What?!
(opened the TV and saw Rolento on the news)
Rolento: Listen up, you pencil pushing geeks! I will rebuild this country if you all follow me. I'll make this country the strongest in the world!

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