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LIKE his best friend Guile, Nash (Charlie) is a patriot and a devoted soldier of the U.S. Special Forces. Both men have the same fighting style and weird hairstyle, but compared to Guile, Nash is more confident and an easy-going guy.
ONE day, Nash was given orders to infiltrate the Headquarters of the crime organization known as Shadaloo. Together with his best friend Guile, Nash went to Thailand to perform the operation. Unfortunately, both men were captured. Nash and Guile managed to escape, but Nash decided to continue the mission. After sending Guile back to Headquarters, Nash followed the Shadaloo's movements, but with extra precautions this time.
FINALLY, he discovered that the organization was hauling drugs in South America under the leadership of a man named Vega (M. Bison). Nash, without further hesitation, decided to travel to South America to stop the diabolic ways of the Lord of the Shadaloo and try to 'neutralize' Vega's crime organization.

      Inside the Game
Rolento: Hey trooper, what are your orders?
Nash: I'm out to neutralize M. Bison, sir.
Rolento: Over my dead body!
Nash: I hope you brought a body bag.
»boss« (on the bank of the Niagara Falls)
Nash: Lord Vega, Commander of Shadaloo, you are under arrest.
Vega: By who's army?
Nash: I order you to surrender now. Our helicopter is arriving in 5 minutes.
Vega: Interesting...that will be the last 5 minutes of your life.
»« ending »«
Nash: Get up! Tell me everything you know! What's your connection to the Army Brass? Who put you up to this? TALK! (a helicpoter appeared behind Nash and open-fired at him) What the......NOOO! (Why?!) (fell into the waterfall) Ahhhhh.......
Soldier: Commander Vega. Should we send a 'recon unit' to confirm his death?
Vega: No. No one could survive that fall. Even if he is alive, he won't be back. Now that he knows everyone has a price.

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