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A Bushin style ninja under the supervision of Zeku, Guy is a warrior of glory and dignity. His ultimate goal is to become a master of the Bushin style. However, in order to achieve his goal, his master told him that he has to overcome everything and must find his own path. Putting this in mind, Guy began roaming the earth not only to become stronger, but to find his own destiny as well.
TRAVELLING the world, Guy ended up in Metro City--a place where scums and criminals alike roam the streets. There he became acquainted with Mayor Mike Haggar and became the mayor's number one aid in vanquishing the notorious Mad Gear gang.
NOW Guy has shifted his attention to the Street Fighter tournament. He is aware that he is being pursued Sodom and Rolento, both of which were ex-Mad Gear members and is now seeking revenge. After being one of the heroes of Metro City, Guy feels that it is time for him to take on a new challenge. He feels that if he can claim the title, he will become closer to accomplishing his goal and become a full master of the Bushin style...

      Inside the Game
Rose: I see there is a hole in your mind.
Guy: There is nothing in my mind.
Rose: So strong, yet so stupid.
Guy:Can't you see, this will be your final fight.
»boss« (in Brazil)
Vega: Bushin style ninja are no match for Shadaloo soldiers.
Guy: I've fought your soldiers. Now I've come for you.
Vega: My soldiers are skilled, but I am supreme.
Guy: Yea, a supreme fat-head!
»« ending »«
Guy: I've got it!! I've found the inner secret!
Zeku: (from out of nowhere) You have tapped the power, my pupil.
Guy: Master.
Zeku: Remember my son, Bushin style is only a name. Do not be impressed by its label and you will be truly strong. Fighting style is not something handed down, but something created.
Guy: Master, you once told me, to be a Master, I must overcome everything. The time has come.
Zeku: Do you stake your life on it?
Guy: Of course.
There is no hatred in the faces of the Master and his disciple. Only the spirit and fighting power from facing a worthy opponent.

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