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GEN is one of those Chinese Kung Fu masters who have dedicated their lives for the essence of the fight. He is also one of the few fighters who were able to master several Kung Fu styles, among them were the Mantis and Crane (others Monkey) style. Gen also have some knowledge about the Killing Arts of Shotokan Karate like the fatal death point attack--a technique used to make pulse rate stop by applying pressure to various points of the human body. For an old timer, Gen moves fast and can even be more annoying than Dan in terms of ridiculing an opponent in battle.
BUT now, Gen sense that he is nearing the end of his existence. He have already defeated many men, yet there is still one more fighter he feels he must overcome--Gouki. Gen knows the danger that lies within Gouki and is now on a mission to finish the demon of the Dark Shotokan.

      Inside the Game
Chun Li: Hey, I hear you're a master. Can you tell me about Shadaloo?
Gen: Foolish child, I have nothing for you! Why are you still looking at me! Didn't your father teach you not to stare.
»boss« (on Gouki's Island)
Gen: You must be Gouki. You may have a human body but you are not of this world.
Gouki: (Which one are you?)
Gen: I'm the one who will send you back to hell.
Gouki: (Amusing, but ignorant)
»« ending »«
Gouki: ...What's your problem? Finish me now! What are you waiting for?
Gen leaves Gouki on his fate. What is on his mind?
Gen:(riding on a boat) It would be no challenge to finish him. But then my greatest joy for my remaining days is lost. Uh...(coughing blood) I'd rather die fighting! (grinning)

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