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Street Fighter Fan Art Gallery - Stefani Rol
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Due to the amount of fanarts sent by Ms. Stefani Rol, I've decided to dedicate a whole page just for her fanarts. Her Street Fighter-South Park fanarts are sooo cute, dont you think so? Thank you very much, Stefani.

Rolento cosplay Guy by Stefani
Rolento in Guy's clothes.
Rolento cosplay Cody by Stefani
Rolento in Cody's outfit.
Rolento in Karate outfit by Stefani
Shotokan Rolento.
Rolento cosplay Vega by R. Schuberg
Rolento in Vega's(M. Bison) garments.
Vega cosplay Rolento by Stefani
Vega(Bison) in Rolento costume.
Kerokeropi cosplay Rolento by Stefani
...He he he... Kerokerolento.
South Park cosplay Rolento by Stefani
South Park Rolento.
South Park cosplay Chun-Li by Stefani
South Park Chun-Li.
South Park cosplay Cody by Stefani
South Park Cody.
South Park cosplay Ryu by Stefani
South Park Ryu.
South Park cosplay Rolento killed Kenny by Stefani
Oh my God! Rolento killed Kenny!
South Park cosplay Cammy by Stefani
South Park Cammy.
Rolento in the Dark by Stefani
Dark Rolento.
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For more quetions, send your email to the same address.

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