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Street Fighter Fan Art Gallery
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Chun-Li 01 Chun-Li in Spinning Bird Kick motion. Posture from cover of Street Fighter EX 3 PS2 version.
Black & White version also available.
Ryu & Ken 01 Ken & Ryu. No colored version available yet.

Ryu by Comic Boy Ryu in protective gear. Illustrated by Comic Boy.
"I wanted to do something different than what I usually did, so I put him in protective gear. This is what he probably wears anyway since it's what real martial artists wear." -CB
Ken by Comic Boy Ken. Illustrated also by Comic Boy.
"I really liked the new Capcom style, so I decided to draw this. It came out quite nicely. I was a bit unsure how to do the strategic cover up, but the small towel worked." -CB

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The Psi Realm: SFZ2 Zone is now accepting Street Fighter fanarts/artworks. For art submission, send your work to, together with the information/description you want your artwork to have. Regulations for fanarts are simple: a) Street Fighter/Capcom related; b) No hentai (Nudity is accepted if done artistically).
For more quetions, send your email to the same address.

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