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Due to the horrible changes made to the free hosting package of some webhosts(hope they don't go out of business), I decided to move Zone 1 to a new server and create mirrors for both Zone 2 and 1. It's really a bummer, especially that I have to resubmit the sites' new URL to various sites, but I can't really blame them completely because of the present condition of the Online Industry. Still, I can't help but complain too. Reducing their free package to almost crap(well, their new free package suits mostly crap sites), I really have no choice but to move. And even though their new hosting options are cheap, it's almost impossible for me to get one. As much as I want to pay for my own domain and space on the web, I can't... First of all, I do not and can not own a credit card, plus the fact that our currency is weak against the dollar. It's really unfair, especially to us 'disabled' webmaster because we don't really gain any profit(money) from our sites. We just want to give our share to the once very 'colorful' World Wide Web and gain more friends. After all the hard work of putting up and maintaining a site(I even sacrificed some of my studies and vacations for my sites), it will just end up being demolished. And that's not really very pleasant. The web is no longer the black market it used to be, less freedom, less fun. Maybe one of the possible reason why the industry is down on its knees nowadays...

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