Psi Realm: SFA2 Dhalsim
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DHALSIM is a Yoga Master who had devoted his entire being to the perfection of his facilities. His intentions are pure, and by fasting and meditating, he became in tune with every living thing. He has the ability to sense the spirituality around him and is longing to cleanse the world of its evil.
SEEING the poverty of his village, Dhalsim have no choice but to support his fellow Indians by means of fighting. He entered his first Street Fighter Tournament hoping he could provide economic support for his suffering people. Although he did not won the title, Dhalsim did not returned home empty-handed. He brought with him Sally, a woman he met in the tournament and now became his wife.
NOW on his second tournament, Dhalsim feels that he will succeed this time. His wife anticipating a child, Dhalsim believes that by winning the title, he could give peace and comfort not only to his family, but to his people as well.

      Inside the Game
Dhalsim: Do you wish to learn from me, novice?
Zangief: Ha! What could someone so puny possibly teach me?
Dhalsim: Size is no consequence. Yoga mastery is an ancient discipline of mind and body.
Zangief: Your body, I will twist into pretzel. I'll leave your mind for the vultures.
»boss« (in Brazil)
Dhalsim: You have an evil spirit. Your soul is dark with hate.
Vega: I will crush you with true power!
Dhalsim: Real power is achieved by mercy. May the spirit have mercy on your soul.
»« ending »«
After returning to his village Dhalsim sinks into deep meditation.
Dhalsim: I must cleanse myself of the evil force which has taken over my mind. What could possibly come from my damaging power?
Townspeople: Oh Great Yoga Master Dhalsim. Your victories have truly blessed us. Medicine, food, shelters...All the people in the village thank you.
(Sally appears, holding their baby in her hands)
Sally: Husband.
Dhalsim: Yes...have I created a bad Karma?
Sally: No. You have made things better for all. I'm very proud.
Dhalsim: I hope you are right. Does the end justify the means?

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