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AN expert in taunts and mockery, Dan is the son of a great martial artist named Oh Hibiki. As a child, Dan was very reckless and despite his father's desperate attempts to train and discipline him, Dan could never entirely master the arts of fighting. But as a son, Dan loved his father a lot. Hoping to make his father proud, Dan began travelling the countryside in search for a master that could train him.
A TIME came when Dan's father received a challenge letter from the former Street Fighter champion Sagat. Oh Hibiki responded to the challenge and decided to fight Sagat head on. During the fight, Oh managed to remove one of Sagat's eyes. Enraged by the attack, Sagat lost all his honor and retaliated by breaking Oh Hibiki's neck and thus killing him.
AT those times, Dan was already training in Gouken's dojo. Upon receiving the information about his father's death, Dan collapsed in sorrow, then became infuriated with rage. When Gouken saw Dan's great desire for revenge, he immediately kicked Dan out of his dojo, fearing that the young lad might learn about the deadly arts of Shotokan Karate.
THUS, Dan proceeded on his training alone by combining his own style with a little of Shotokan Karate. He called his technique the 'Saikyo Style' and planned to use it for extracting vengeance on Sagat and regain his father's honor....

      Inside the Game
Guy: You have some cute moves.
Dan: What ever!
Guy: I'm wandering the earth to become stronger.
Dan: Well Grasshopper, you asked for it.
»boss« (in Thailand)
Dan: Nice eye Sagat! Would you like the other one to match?
Sagat: The fool who took my eye paid with his life.
Dan: That was my father, you murderer!
Sagat: TSK! So young to be without a father. Perhaps you should join him.
»« ending »«
Dan: I've made it...Yahoo! I've finally avenged your death. I'm the strongest now, and the best!!
Back in Hong Kong, Dan opens a school where he can teach his style.
Dan: (For you my father...People all over the world will soon know my powerful moves!!)
(talking to his students) What's the problem? You must be focused to be a Saikyo style warrior!!
With blind ambition, Dan pursues worldwide fame. Is this is destiny?

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