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C H U N - L I

CHUN-LI is the beautiful and sweet daughter of a Chinese Interpol agent. Alongside with her beauty is her mastery of several martial arts, earning her the title of ‘Strongest Woman in the World’. As a daughter, Chun-Li loved her father dearly and cared for him the most.
HOWEVER, one fatal incident changed forever the life of this young lady...
CHUN-LI'S father was ordered to investigate the procedures of a covert crime organization named Shadaloo. But after some time, he was reported to be 'missing in action' and was assumed to be captured. Worried about her father's welfare, Chun-Li decided to look for her father herself. Tracing the Shadaloo's movements, Chun-Li discovered many criminal operations of the organization. She learned that their leader, a man named Vega, have been trafficking drugs in order to support the evil deeds of the organization. With more motivation, Chun-Li decided to track-down the man behind the heinous crimes not only ask questions about her father, but to also unravel the mysteries behind the Shadaloo's operations.

      Inside the Game
Gen: Young one, what is it you seek?
Chun-Li: It does not matter, you can't help.
Gen: I could teach you.
Chun-Li: Out of my way, I'm looking for someone.
»boss« (In Brazil)
Chun-Li: Evil in the flesh, Lord Vega. What hapenned to my father? What have you done with him? You know something!
Vega: Don't ask quetions if you aren't prepared for the answers.
»« ending »«
Vega: (escaping to a jet) Chun-Li! You surprised me. Next time I'll use both hands. Unfortunately, I have no time for these petty games.
Chun-Li: Where do you think you are going?
Vega: Don't worry child, we will meet again. I hope you'll amuse me then. More than your father did!! Ha ha ha ha!!
Chun-Li: father? Vega! It was you! You killed my father!
Vega disappeared in to the underworld. A few days later, at the China Branch Interpol Headquarters...
Officer: Chun-Li, I have appointed you as Special Investigator of Shadaloo. Revenge your father's death with us!
Chun-Li: (looking at the bldg. window) I'll get you Vega! Next time we meet, we'll settle it! This is the last time I cry. Don't worry...Father!
»» Fin ««

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