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Earn $Cash$ on the Net

Here are sites that could be of interest to those who want to make cash in cyberspace. All of the companies listed here are free to join and are all available internationally.
Get Paid To Receive Emails
Avamail gives you 10 points for each email you receive. 10 points is between $0.05-$0.07, depending on the advertiser. They pay members 70% of the advertising revenue generated by the members action on their site. Click here, to join.

Inbox Cash sends you e-mails as often as you like, every day, every week, every 2 weeks or every month, depending on your specification. You also decide on the cost of email you want to receive-$0.01, $0.05, $0.10, $0.50, $1, $2, $5 or $10. They'll also pay you a bonus of $10 for each referrals who becomes an active member of their community. To join or find out more info, Click here. gives you $10 just for signing-up. Read all the emails My-Cash-Email sends you. Included with each email will be a link and you must click that link and allow the paid advertisers web site to come up in your browser (length of visit must be at least 30 seconds to receive credit). The My-Cash-Email system will then credit you for reading the email. Click here to join.

>>>Other get paid to read/send email companies Sign-up and get a free email account. They'll send you paid emails on this account.
Earning Force Company is in the growing stages and can only give emails 1-2 emails/week, so far...
Mailclicker Sends out advertisements by email based on your interests and pays up to $0.50 per email. They pay members 50% of their email advertising revenue. Referral system is up to 4 levels and up to $0.10/email read. Earn $0.05 for every email you receive. Also doubles your balance when it reaches $25.

Other Money Making Opportunities
Myecom is a downline club which have a 5x matrix system and your upline actually helps BUILD YOUR DOWN LINE FOR YOU. MyECom is now paying its members for using the site, supporting sponsors and signing up for programs. If MyECom makes money, then all the members get paid. Receive $5 into your MEC account for signing up. They also provide free (and unlimited) webspace and free website submission to over 8000 search engines anf FFA sites every month. To join or see more of their features, Click here.

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