Psi Realm: SFA2 Birdie
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BIRDIE is a punk bar bouncer who lived in the back alleys of England. He is a big man with a literally hard head and enormous power (Also has the most bizarre hairstyle I've ever seen). He's also adept in using chains and is able to move fast despite his huge size.
WHILE slow-witted, Birdie isn't naturally an evil person. He had heard about a powerful organization that has many connections throughout the world. Shadaloo was the organization's name and it was foretold that only the strongest could enter the group. Unaware of the Shadaloo's diabolic ways and evil intentions, Birdie became interested in joining the group. He thought that by doing so, he could show the world how strong and mighty he really is.

      Inside the Game
Dhalsim: Retreat and make peace with your spirit.
Birdie: Yea, okay Yoga-boy. I'll kick you so hard you'll dirty your diaper!
Dhalsim: May you fight better in your next life.
»boss« (in Brazil)
Birdie: I hear you're the boss...make me an offer.
Vega: I'll offer to destroy you.
Birdie: Make me a better offer.
Vega: All right, if you live, you're in.
»« ending »«
Birdie: I am the BEST! What do you 'ave to say for yourself Vega?
Vega: You are strong. OK! I'll accept you as a member of Shadaloo.
Birdie: YES! With my help you can rule anything your 'eart desires!
Shadaloo Command Center. Data room.
YEAH!! (headbutting a chunk of hanged metal)
(After some time, Birdie became aware of the Shadaloo's brainwashing operations)
Birdie: Vega, you lunatic! Now I know your hidden agenda. You won't exploit me! I'm outta 'ere!
Vega: Watch your back, mate.

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